Get Ready

Take a GPS with a good map on a motorcycle and for exploring. Some of you know me a little bit and have read previous reports. For those who do it for the first time, let me just mention that I always advise you to have a GPS with a good map. “I would recommend OsmAnd +, which runs Android which worked very well during this trip again” In the first situation there was a failed search for a detour of flooded roads. There were not so many rarely frequented roads on the paper maps. OsmAnd had them and they were well drawn. They were well marked, but as for the metro that stony desert, when you have to turn and bounce in the other direction to find your way, trust me it can be difficult to the untrained eye. The second situation was walking into medinas. I cannot imagine that without a GPS you could easily find your way back to the square in Marrakech. The third situation was in Norway. It really helped me on the trail while climbing (trails are poorly marked and, at some point, the weather really deteriorated as I climbed to the top).
At some point in Morocco, I saw the Pawel stopped and it was a typical pit stop. I decided to also follow suit because I saw a lot of beautiful prickly pear cactus fruit at the side of the road. Without a moment of thinking, I alighted from the motorcycle and went to the first available bush to pick some fruit. A day earlier, we had eaten exactly the same ones and they tasted perfectly. I thought that we would have some for the evening. And then something unexpected happened. Literally after a few seconds, something began to burn me and poke my hands. It was a terrible feeling. The fruit fell out of my hand, and I was not able to bend even a single finger so as not to cause a terrible pain. “Always but always take a second, backup pair of gloves”I looked at the glove that I had put on and discovered that hundreds of small needles were pierced in there and in my hands I even had to take off the gloves. To this end, I used the teeth. Unfortunately, when I saw my bare hands, it turned out that they were still dozens of needles. The problem was that they were very difficult to remove. I went to the motorcycle and took out a pair of tweezers. Then, I spent a few minutes on removing the hellish needles. My hands survived but the gloves are lost forever. At this point I realized that I had in truth taken a second, warmer pair, namely Gore-Tex ones. Well, I was terribly hot but there is always the matter of safety and security. In the evening, I told the story of what happened to me. It turned out that Tomek had a spare pair, a second pair of summer gloves, which I borrowed.
Watch out for local traffic. First of all signs and traffic rules are treated conventionally. Particular attention should be paid to the ubiquitous roundabouts. Their short cutting is the norm and the principle that the roundabout has priority is rarely adhered to. Tourists on motorcycles are treated very exceptionally, and are very often let through even though they don’t have priority. “Let’s see what are also other customs traffic in a given region or country, and always, be very careful”In such cases, however, you have to be very vigilant. Police officers at the checkpoints are very polite and help them go on without stopping at the check point (in most cases). However, when approaching it is necessary to slow down – often according to the 20 km/h sign. Let’s see what are also other customs traffic in a given region or country, and always, be very careful.
Riding in a group may make you lazy a little. Do not allow it because you will regret it. In my case, during ride in Moracco, I forgot to check what the local attractions were and even though the group had wanted to go back to the hotel after, I could take a stroll and explore a little more of the city.
It is clearly evident that lights should be well positioned. As a matter of course, when you pack the motorcycle, check the regulation of the height of lighting and (if you have them) halogens. It is worth checking and recording the fact that turning the adjustment screw 5 times for example, reduces or increases the light at a given distance. This way you will improve visibility and thus your riding safety in the dark. There is a special switch in some models of motorcycles, which you can choose to ride a motorcycle with normal and high load.
It was during adventure in Morocco. Had it not been for Pawel leading the group and who knew the way well (he’d already ridden along it several times) and its realities, sometimes you even have to stop and turn back. Find another way and don’t risk damage or destruction of equipment, and above all, health and life.
The desert is the desert but it is always worth taking your rainwear kit and warm gloves. In my case, the BMW Rally 3 is a typical summer kit. In two cases: if it rains or is really cool I put on the complete kit and best as a two-piece one.
For instance, in Morocco the GSM network runs quite well, but connections to Poland are very expensive. The alternative is the Internet. Unfortunately, most IMs are blocked when it comes to voice calls. Fortunately, text messaging functions. Throughout the trip I tried to connect by voice to Face Time, WhatsApp, Skype …but to no avail. I connected by Messenger only on two occasions. I also noticed that the WiFi network in hotels and bars couldn’t always connect by iphone. It is worth having any Android device with you because that connects seamlessly.
Money you have to have. The size of the budget depends on what region we are going and for how long. Often there is a problem with the purchase of the currency of the country you’re going. You must then take the appropriate amount of money in the “universal” currency. They certainly are USD and EUR. You must also bring your credit/debit cards and there are the best two: VISA and MasterCard. It happened to me several times that one did not work. In addition, they can be used not only to pay but also get the local currency from an ATM. Remember, always verifying course and additional costs associated with it. Regarding currency exchange often can be done at the border of the country. Always let’s check the exchange rate that you will not lose.
When planning the trip, I use Google Maps and guide. Thanks to them I could not only just plan the way, mark the places I wanted to see and accommodation where I intended to spend the night but also I could share them with you. Quite often I switched between the views of the road map and satellite and Street View to check what and how it looked in a particular place. Then I exporte the planned path of the marked places to a GPX file, which I then uploaded to GPS. I use the Osmand+ application on the Samsung. In my opinion, they are the best maps that I have encountered.
I suggest you take the warmest sleeping bag which you have. If anything, you can always undo and uncover it. Believe me that when you arrive tired after a few (sometimes several) hours of road to the camp, and the thermometer shows 6 degrees, it should be a good warm sleeping bag and a foam mattress. When it comes to a sleeping mat, I had a self-inflating one and that proved to be excellent. I have the rest of the little tourist experience and I was surprised that for a really small amount of money I could buy very good equipment in Decathlon (tent 119 PLN 2 Second Easy 1, sleeping bag 279 PLN, sleeping mat Forclaz 74 PLN) on such an expedition