Day 10 – Nordkapp -> Motel before Rovaniemi, 552 km

Posiłek na parkingu


I would like to write more but simply it just is not possible. On this particular day I went further than I had planned and thee were forests upon forests everywhere. The road was often straight and empty; the roadsides were visible so you could go a little faster. Just before evening it started to rain, so when I stopped to fill up, I found out that there was a small motel at the station, so I decided to stay there overnight. The restaurant and motel is managed by some Chinese and maybe it is not so new, it’s clean. I got the room for 40 Euros including breakfast. I put my motorbike by my window from the forest side. I was really tired, so after a shower, I went straight to sleep.

Advice: In the guide, Findland was described very interestingly, but reality changed all that. I advise you to choose a different route than I chose. On this day and on the next I rode through the whole of Finland and did not see anything interesting. Fortunately, I went through Helsinki, but more about this later.

Equipment: Every little bit matters during a long trip. Even. Something small can affect comfort, safety and the whole expedition. In my case my helmet made the whole difference, which unfortunately wasn’t a success, and first of all it was because it blew under my chin. Unfortunately, it’s its big fault and it results from the fact that it’s a jaw helmet and that excludes the possibility of good protection under the chin. The effect was such that in the case of side wind, I felt significant discomfort, cold and noise. The other aspect was quick misting up and unfortunately it’s not double riding often in the rain, so I had a problem with misting and this affected my safety, which disqualifies the helmet in my judgement – I refer to the Shark Evoline 3 helmet.

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