Nordkapp – Day 1 – Poznan -> Hamburg -> Szlezwik, 670 km

Ratusz w Hamburgu

Ratusz w Hamburgu

I left Poznan around 8am. However, Before, I accelerated along the A2 Motorway towards Berlin, I had to pull over and put on my raincoat and warm gloves. I did not even think that I would ride the entire journey in these gloves and put on my rain wear so often. I was at the border about 10 am and I arrived in Hamburg after 2pm.



"Uboot" - radziecka łódź podwodna z okresu zimnej wojny

Soviet submarine from the Cold War era

The weather was middling, though it was not raining. I parked in the centre of Hamburg, took a short stroll and then went to the Elbe to see the Fish Market, but at this time it was closed. However, there was an amazing attraction right next to it and that was a Soviet U-boat – a submarine from the Cold War period. Although the ticket cost 10 Euros it was worth visiting and I was really greatly impressed by it. How could it float and even underwater to boot?! You were already a hero just for getting on board this boat, let alone sailing in it.

Wnętrze łodzi podwodnej, przedział torpedowy

The interior of the submarine torpedo compartment

That day I planned accommodation a few kilometers north of Hamburg. I decided to go a little further, so that the next day I did not have the stress of getting to the ferry on time. Fortunately, it was a good job I did so because I passed a few sections motorways road works and lost a lot of time. I arrived at the campsite in the town of Schleswig-Holstein at the end of the day and it was nice and comfortable. The first night was in a tent at a cost of 12 Euros.

Pierwszy nocleg na kempingu w Szlezwik-Holsztyn

The first night at a campsite in Schleswig-Holstein

Advice: When you going to overcome many kilometers by motorbike take care of your ears. I rode in earplugs and that proved perfect. I could listen to music and audio books without losing my hearing and not getting tired by the noise.

Equipment: Food. I took a little canned food and several bags of freeze-dried food on the trip, courtesy of LYO FOOD. In short, it was incredibly delicious, preservative-free, high quality, easy and quick to prepare. Although I have my favorite (which is stroganoff), each meal was good. Just pour boiling water, wait 10 minutes and you have a ready-made hot meal.

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