Nordkapp – Day 14 – Riga -> Vilnius, 295 km

In the morning, in the hotel in Riga, I ate breakfast, packed and set off on my way. It took me a little while to leave the city and I still had to go to the station. That day, it took me more time to brace things up. In the end it was getting warmer, the sun was shining. Evidently, I switched to a slower mode.

Pałac w Pilsrundale

Palace in Pilsrundale

I noticed that Statoil fuel stations dominated Latvia. The other thing I noticed was that the closer I got to Poland the more familiar products got. Latvia also surprised me with its motorways where there are bus stops and places where you can do a U-turn. A storm front was later chasing me from Tallinn via Riga, Vilnius all the time. I tried to flee away from it.

Pałac w Pilsrundale

I headed west several kilometers from Riga in order to see the Palace in Pilsrundale.

I had never seen anything so huge and glorious and I really advise you to visit it. If you don’t have too much time, it’s better not to visit the castle in Bauska in order to see the palace and its gardens, which are wonderful. When I finished visiting, raindrops started to come down. I decided at that moment to hit the road.

Wilno - Kościół św. Kazimierza

Wilno – St. Kazimierz Church

In Vilnius, however, rain got me. I rode to a hostel or campsite because I got somewhat wet and froze. I asked for some tea. Unfortunately, the hostel had no vacancies and a place to pitch my tent looked a little unlikely (it is the custom of great campsites in Norway). I decided to change the premises and look for a hotel. The situation repeated itself in Tallinn and Riga. Here, too, I found a small but very decent hotel called Rinno, which, in addition, had internal parking.

Wilno - Ratusz

Wilno – Town hall

Well, compared to Tallinn, not to mention Riga, Vilnius came out very modestly. Although it is a beautiful city, it was perhaps due to fatigue, weather and homesickness that it did not make too much of an impression. However, I found a restaurant with local cuisine, which boosted my morale. Actually, I felt the fragrance walking by and an ad provided me with information about the local cuisine. I stepped back. It was a very good decision. That evening, I ordered an appetizer and a couple of dishes on a splurge and asked for small portions. After a moment, a couple from Germany perched next to my table and so another hour talking and drinking delicious, local beer passed by.

Matka Boska Ostrobramska

Matka Boska Ostrobramska

Advice: I’ll write about the obvious. Before departure, inspect the motorcycle. Check if everything is OK in order to protect you from unpleasant surprises. If you change a tyre, check the bearing too. As it turned out, mine was in a sorry state, and the day before departure, I had to change it.

Equipment: Motorbike. I could write a separate chapter or book about the motorbike. Here I will say only that I rode on a BMW R1200 GS Adventure. I equipped it a little differently with Touratech accessories and guards. However, tyres are the most important thing (going on Metzelerach Tourance), BMW aluminum trunks, Tankbak and a good bag.

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