Nordkapp – Day 15 – Vilnius -> Warsaw -> Poznan, 801 km

Lofoty - przyroda jest tu niesamowita


After breakfast I packed up and asked about the “release” of my motorbike. It was not raining, but it was cool and cloudy. It took me some time so I dressed up warmer. I was afraid that it would rain – completely unnecessarily. Fortunately kilometer per kilometer, it was getting warmer, and so from 9 degrees in Vilnius to 19 degrees in Marki near Warsaw. By the way, with each stopover I took off other successive layers of clothes.

I had booked accommodation in Warsaw. I very well know the hotel. I rushed to the front desk and … I was surrounded with doubt whether I wanted to stay the night in Warsaw. I asked if I could just cancel the reservation at no cost. The receptionist knows me so she tapped the keyboard and said she would invite me next time round. So I escaped to a nearby cafe for a coffee and a cake and an hour’s rest. I sent a short note to the family that I would be home a day earlier and enter the motorway to Poznan. Believe me, from the perspective of the road I had traveled up so far, making the additional 300 km highway looks like a kind of ride. I reported home safe and sound at 9pm.

Advice: When planning the trip, I used Google Maps and guide. Thanks to them I could not only just plan the way, mark the places I wanted to see and accommodation where I intended to spend the night but also I could share them with you. Quite often I switched between the views of the road map and satellite and Street View to check what and how it looked in a particular place. There was some difficulty finding such a cemetery with Poles quarters in and around Narvik

So I exported the planned path of the marked places to a GPX file, which I then uploaded to Samsung.

I used the Osmand+ application on the Samsung. In my opinion, they are the best maps that I have encountered. They proved themselves, among other things, when I lost the trail while descending from the summit next to Preikestolen. In addition, I did not have to carry a map while exploring cities thanks to this application.

Equipment: Sleeping bag. I suggest you take the warmest sleeping bag which you have. If anything, you can always undo and uncover it. Believe me that when you arrive tired after a few (sometimes several) hours of road to the camp, and the thermometer shows 6 degrees, it should be a good warm sleeping bag and a foam mattress. When it comes to a sleeping mat, I had a self-inflating one and that proved to be excellent. I have the rest of the little tourist experience and I was surprised that for a really small amount of money I could buy very good equipment in Decathlon (tent 119 PLN 2 Second Easy 1, sleeping bag 279 PLN, sleeping mat Forclaz 74 PLN) on such an expedition

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