Nordkapp – Day 2 – Szlezwik -> Hirtshals -> Kristiansand -> Preikestolen, 788 km

Chciałbym wyjechać, a tu szlaban zamknięty

I would like to go, but the gate was closed

I left the camp a few minutes after 7 in the morning. As it turned out it was not quite that simple. I relied on a fast exit but there was no campsite service staff. The barrier closed and I did not know how to get out. Fortunately, another motorcyclist accosted me and asked if he could help.

I told him that I had arrived in the evening; the reception was already closed so I did not check in and therefore did not have a “token” which opens the gate to leave. Secondly, I had not paid for my accommodation. After a short conversation I decided to leave the appropriate amount (EUR 12) with the speaker with the request to pass it over to the receptionist, and I used his token to open the gate.

With the help of fellow motorcyclist I not only missed the traffic but also found on the ferry my bike

With the help of fellow motorcyclist I not only missed the traffic but also found on the ferry my bike

So literally after a few hours of riding or at about 11 I got to Hirtshals. I had a few hours to kill before sailing but the problem turned out to be quite a long jam before entering the ferry check. Here again another motorcyclist helped me out. Firstly, we turned into one of the side roads to avoid a traffic jam, on the other hand we got to the fuel station to refuel cheaper than in Norway, and then we pushed in to the front of the queue and entered a special lane for motorcyclists.

Since it was my first time that I rode onto a ferry, I closely observing what others were doing. As it turned out, motorcyclists enter first. They line up in designated areas – indicated by the service staff and most often at the front of the ferry on the left or right side. For large crossings, motorcycles must be secured and the aforementioned motorcyclist showed me how to do it so much so that the staff informed us that there would be some rocking and rolling during the crossing. In this case, not just one lane – you have to use a minimum of three.

Odpływamy z Hirtshals

We are leaving from Hirtshals

The ferry itself cost me 308 PLN, and I had bought the ticket a few days earlier by the Internet. That day I had planned a shorter route, but the weather was perfect, fun to be going out and I rode all the way up to Stavanger where I stopped at the Preiikestolen camp site about 4 km from the trail to Preikestolen. As it turned out, it was my most expensive camp site and I paid 210 NOK and an extra 95 NOK for a beer and cake. I carefully checked prices from that moment on.

Advice: Do not get lost on the ferry. Always remember which level you left the motorcycle on. In addition, remember which side of the ferry and which stairs you went down. It’s best to take a picture since some ferries are really huge.

Equipment: Garmin Zumo is a GPS dedicated to the motorcyclist. It handled things brilliantly throughout the route. I planned each day on the computer with the Garmin BaseCamp. Then I uploaded the route with marked places where I planned to come and visit or see. Routing works quickly. Every evening I checked the route for the following day. Sometimes I modified it slightly by adding interesting places. Garmin also defined quite precisely when you get to your destination. Although in the beginning I did not believe that you could ride 470 km all day, it turned out to be true especially in Norway.

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