Nordkapp – Day 5 – Eagle Road -> Trollstigen -> Atlantic Road -> Trondheim, 490km

Fiord Geirangerfjorden

Fiord Geirangerfjorden

That day I got up early in the morning, ate breakfast and packed quickly which took literally an hour. I also used the WiFi to talk with my family, and then hit the road. Luckily it stopped raining. It became really nice, although it was still mildly chilly.

That day I saw some really beautiful places: Geirangerfjorden fjord, waterfalls and the Eagle Road with its bends.

Zakręt Orłów

“Eagles turn”

Droga Trolli

Trolla Road

Next I rode upland towards Trolla Road. I must admit that Trollstigen is really impressive especially if you do it on a motorcycle. It is steep, narrow and not secured. A small mistake and you fall off the cliff.

Droga Atlantycka

Atlantic Road

Wodospad pod Drogą Trolli

Waterfall near the Trolla Road

However, this was not the end of the experience. Late in the afternoon I got to Atlantic Road. I have to write subjectively, that it is interesting, but a little over-rated as it turned out. There were small islands, several bridges and lots of rocks, and many campers and motorcyclists. I was slightly disappointed. Well, it’s the little things that “win” along the Trolla Road.

That day I had planned accommodation in the area of Trondheim. The problem was that a rain front was chasing me and I tried to flee. Therefore I checked in at the Storsand Gard campsite just out of town and as soon as I could where after a while, I pitched up my tent and then quite a downpour began that lasted almost all night. Fortunately, the sun was already shining in the morning.

Kemping pod Trondheim

Campside near Trondheim

I must admit that I made a mistake here. According to my plan, I should have visited Trondhem on that particular day. It was definitely worth it and I suggest that you do it. I somehow did not feel like riding on. It’s always the case that I regret things later and that was the case this time around. I do not know if I will ever go so far north again.

Advice: Edging up the Trolla Road from the south, it is worth stopping over at the huge parking area and walking (a few minutes) to the viewing platform. The view is unforgettable. Another big attraction is the Zakarias Dam – you should ride up it, but unfortunately I did not have enough strength. I gave up unnecessarily. I should have done fewer kilometers, stop earlier for the night before and not give up this attraction.

Equipment: Take an electrical distributor. There is no problem with the current at the campsite, but the sockets are often occupied. Then you should have your distributor. The second issue is the appropriate charger and cables. Do not forget to take them. I suggest you also get additional USB cables since they can be damaged.

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