Nordkapp – Day 6 – Trondheim -> Mo i Rana, 480 km

W drodze na północ

On the way up North

Riding and once again riding north marked this day. I did not stop along the way, beyond the fjords and the tunnels. I spent a prolonged stopover on shopping. I stocked up the local bakery, dairy, fruits and some vegetable produce and the local value price store. In the evening I got to the camp near the town of Storli in the area near to Storforshei.

Lyofood oraz melon na deser

Lyofood and melon for dessert

"Lekki" bałaganik podczas przeglądu rzeczy...

“Light” a mess of things in the review …

Since it was raining, and I was really tired, I booked into hotel accommodation instead of my tent in a small camp house at a cost of 350 NOK. Although the camp was aged, it’s clean and very pleasant. Renting a house allowed me to embrace things. I noticed that one trunk was leaking, I think from the top? I had food in it, generally the entire kitchen. Fortunately, everything was packed in bags, so there were no losses. I checked the other two trunks and both were dry. I’ll have to check and fix its vulnerability, but after returning.

Advice: In Norway, there is a lot of camping, so there is no problem finding accommodation. Before planning a journey to places where I planned to stay, I always checked out several options by reading the reviews and ratings. I was never disappointed, though halfway through I stopped at random places. When I was simply tired, I turned at the first place I encountered.

Equipment: Camera, GoPro and stuff like that. It’s definitely worth investing in a good webcam that can be attached to a helmet. Sometimes, there is no time or ability to stop, and the views are great. Do not forget to order a remote webcam and mount it somewhere on the steering wheel, as close to the left hand as possible. A few batteries would be useful as well as an efficient charger. It should also take a good camera. Still, no smartphone is substitute for a good lens.

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