Nordkapp – Day 7 – Mo i Rana -> Bodo -> Moskenes -> A -> Lofoty, 468 km

Prom w Moskenes

Ferry in Moskenes

It rained for half a day. Only when I drove into the Arctic Circle (Arctic Center) did it stop. After that it was cold (+4 degrees) and a strong wind was blowing. I was dressed in woolen underwear, inner liners, motorcycle jacket and bottoms and also rain protectors and gloves. The grips were turned on for heat. All was well, but my feet were not adequately protected. My summer shoes were too airy and my legs were freezing.

Kopczyki przy Arctic Center

Arctic Center

Whilst passing through the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park more and more animals appeared and at the start there were deer and in the course of kilometers, reindeers also appeared. I started more closely at the roadside. More or less from here you can see how nature becomes even more severe. There are no trees in the highlands, just glaciers and snow lies in the mountains.

Przekraczam Koło Podbiegunowe

Arctic Center

It was about 1pm when I got to Bodo and I noticed a workshop and a motorcycle shop on the way. First, I rode to the crossing, to find out about the ferry time. It turned out that it was at 15:30, although boarding starts at 14:45, so I had more than two hours time to kill. After a moment of hesitation I made the decision to return to the centre and see if I could buy raincoats pads for boots. When I drove to the store, I found out that there was one pair and it was just my size. The problem is that it was original BMW and cost me a little, but health and comfort, however, are the most important things. But there is still a lot of riding to the north and with each day the temperature decreased.

Dzięki koledze z Niemiec odnalazł się mój kluczyk do motocykla

Thanks to a colleague from Germany I found my key to motorbike

Zabezpieczam Kruszynę

Just before entering the ferry, I noticed that I did not have the ignition key and within a second was sweating cold. I started an intensive search all through my pockets and came up with nothing. At some point another motorcyclist, from Germany, came up to me and asked if it was not my key on the back of the motorcycle. I realized when I pulled the set of keys from the coffers of the ignition they simply fell out. This is a good lesson for the future. Since then, I have kept them in another pocket of my jacket, additionally clipping them.

Płynę na Lofoty

I go to Lofoten

The ferry to Moskenes sailed about 4 hours, which is more than 80 km and cost me 319 NOK. That day it was blowing hard and there was a storm. During loading the support staff required that we have secured each motorcycle in the four lanes.


The village where residents changed its name into “A”

We arrived in Lofoten in the evening. I did not neglect to visit the village with its famous name and as it turned out, the greatest part of the trip began for me from that moment on. Lofoten is simply stunning with its raw nature, incredible images and colours. The bay and the islands are simply amazing. The sun practically did not set, and I was riding for more than two hours stopping every now and then, absorbing the scenery and taking fabulous, postcard like photos.

Advice: Don’t load electricity for too much equipment directly from the battery. It turns out that while riding the battery is charged only to a certain current. If, at the same time, you receive power to charge other things, you may find that the balance will be negative and after some time the battery will discharge and this happened with a pair of motorcyclists from Italy. They had plugged in their GPS, telephones and intercoms. At one point, whilst standing in traffic, they could not fire up the motorcycle. The solution is to connect directly to the installation of the motorcycle (an electrician’s assistance is necessary).

Equipment: Cruise control. Although I have heard many different opinions about it, I completely disagree with the negative ones. I think that people who express them have not benefited from them. Let me be clear – it is indispensable to improve and help the motorcyclist. First, even brief moments, when the hand can rest while riding hundreds of kilometers per day, are priceless. The possibility of loosening the grip, moving the fingers and resting is a wonderful thing. The second thing is convenience. I have ‘mechanical’ cruise control that is, one in which sets up the throttle and not the speed of the bike. Nevertheless, the ability to maintain “constant” speed when riding and observing such restrictions such as 80 km for a long time is something great and to add to this the frequent, very long stretches of straight road. A third possibility, which I “discovered” was the possibility of lightly choking the throttle. In this case, even when riding through the corners and changing the speed, the hand can also rest. Finally, I will add that you can immediately turn the throttle and release the accelerator at any time and additionally lock and unlock cruise control with one small finger. To sum up, the equipment is irreplaceable, I recommend it 100% and it saved my … hand.

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