Nordkapp – Day 8 – Lofoty -> Narwik -> Birtavarre 552 km


I woke up quite early in the morning and the white nights did not allow me to sleep much. I forced myself to lay in to 7am. What I saw after leaving the tent was amazing and…outright overwhelming. I did not notice it in the evening, the fact that the campsite was located near to a wonderful bay with its own harbour. My first steps were to have washed myself, but immediately turned back to the tent to get my camera, and then I went to the bridge to take a photo. A rainbow appeared in the distance.

Lofoty - przyroda jest tu niesamowita




Nature here is amazing and the campsite also appeared to be great and in my opinion it’s the best. The dining area is common, large and heated. And it what seemed to be a simple matter, breakfast took me 2 hours. I met a couple from Rzeszow who got into their car and I quote: ‘…it somehow happened that we got to Lofoty. That’s quite a distance from Rzeszow. The other person I spoke to was a boy from Lodz who had flown in by plane to Bergen and it was there that he borrowed a car from a friend and was travelling around himself. When the next couple entered the dining area with almost grown up children I decided to make a move for it, otherwise I’d leave after lunch and I did not have time for that.

Pomnik Marynarzy ORP Grom

Monument of Polish sailors ORP Grom, who died during the Second World War

Despite the fact that I left quite late, I got to Narvik where I rode up to the monument commemorating the ORP Grom marines. Several kilometers after the twon I got to a cemetary with Polish quarters where soldiers who had fallen in May 1940 defending Narvikk lay in rest. I also wanted to go up to the peak by cable car to see the panoramic view of the town but unfortunately it was out of order.

Polska kwatera na cmentarzu pod Narwikiem


This time I chose bungalow

At the end of the day I got to the campsite near to Birtavarre.

Advice: If you are ever going to plan a trip to Norway, then you should certainly visit Lofoty. Leave another attraction be such a the fiftieth fjord or the twentieth tunnel, pass by another town but get onto the ferry heading for Lofoty.

Equipment: Computer, which I had to take, though earlier it hadn’t been on my list. I knew that during my expedition I would have to work a bit remotely. By the way, it appeared that you can really effectively rip the pictures and put them into order thanks to which, when I finished the expedition, I’d put together a really great album to look at.

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