Nordkapp – Prolog – 15 days, 8 thousand km, 8 countries, 5 capitals, alone by motorbike



Every morning, when starting my ride, I switched on my favourite playlist. Usually I had to overcome a few hundred kilometers, which meant a few to several hours of riding a motorcycle. It was a time that I spent alone with myself and I could just think over a lot of things and put them together in my mind.

Friends and acquaintances that I’d told that I was planning to go alone were surprised, some disbelieved me and could not understand why, but I really needed that time to be in my very own company so that later I could really yearn for my family and home.

Laurent Cochet, French motorcyclist and journalist provided me with the inspiration for the trip. His expedition to Nordkapp was completed in the winter, and a really nifty film was made about the trip, which you can watch it on One winter evening I clicked on Google Maps and I began to plan my trip to Nordkapp – location Nordkapp – map.

I planned to travel nearly 8,000 kilometers through Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. The route was divided into sections of approximately 450 km and 18 nights mainly in a tent. On the way I took 3 longer and some shorter ferry crossings and went through many tunnels. As it happened, I rode through the longest car tunnel, which stretches for 24 km.

I wanted to visit many interesting places along the way such as Preikestolen, the Fjords and the Lofoten and to visit the memorials of the fallen Polish soldiers in Narvik. I wanted to accomplish Nordkapp and to visit 4 capitals: Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. In short, the route on the map did not seem so challenging in contrast to what proved to be reality.

On the fourth day, somewhere past Bergen I was in deadlock for overcoming the 472 km took me 14 hours. There were hundreds of corners and narrow roads; the ride was sluggish, there were lots of campers, many road sections under renovation which all was to give me life a misery. I was terribly tired. When I got to the campsite in the evening, I checked the map … to find the way back home. Inadvertently, I looked at the road leading to the east of Norway searching for a way towards Oslo, Stockholm and then a ferry crossing to Gdynia. I overcame the crisis by resting and raised my spirits which a hot shower and warm dinner. The following days proved that it was worth continuing the journey and the rest of the way onwards proved to be much easier.

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