Day 12 – Farewell to Iceland and departure to the Faroe Islands

The morning was overcast but it wasn’t raining yet. It was windy so I took the time to pack my tent and things on the bike. When I was leaving the campsite it started to rain. It was only a few hundred meters to the marina. Although the ferry departed at 10:30, the ticket had information that you had to check in an hour earlier. Despite the large number of motorbikes and cars, everything happened … quickly.

The boarding passes were already printed, the cards saying that we were getting off in the Faroe Islands were put on the motorbike screens. Thanks to this, we were positioned in the right place on the ferry.

The embarkation took place on time and very efficiently. There was nothing else left to do but quickly leave things in the cabin and go to the observation deck to say goodbye to Iceland.

We said farewell to cloudy Iceland which was a little bit spitting with rain and it was cold. When I turn my thoughts back to the previous few days, it turned out that we were very lucky with the weather and it showered just a few times. The sun was shining almost every day. It was a little windy, but for Icelandic conditions it wasn’t cold. The previous evening I’d talked with the locals, who described the weather in the past week as unusual, sunny and warm. It was summer week in Iceland.


Well, we had no influence on what would be ahead of us. However, we were extremely lucky for sure.

That day, until the evening, we had a lot of time to rest. I downloaded the pictures to the computer. I supplemented some notes so that the most important information and points of interest did not escape my mind.

Time passed quickly, and because we were to reach the islands at three in the morning, we went to bed quite quickly.

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