Epilog – Iceland & The Faroe Islands

At 9:30 the following day we left the ferry and immediately rode to the station to refuel and change because the temperature went up.

Iceland & The Faroe Islands

Iceland & The Faroe Islands

The return journey through Denmark and Germany was very tiring with a lot of roadworks and detours. The traffic was heavy and it was very warm. However, it very much dragged on up to home and we decided to do this route in one go. I got in around 10pm happy and satisfied.

As they say, “it’s good everywhere, but home is best.” Yes, no doubt that’s true, but going to sleep in my own bed I had the feeling of experiencing a great adventure and fulfilling my resolutions and intentions. Although tired, I felt that sooner or later the call to do another journey would come to me again.

In addition, if you would like to see the route and interesting places click on this link.

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