Riding – technical course


Last season I rode more than 13 thousand km and a lots of curves (Norway) and in the mountains (Morocco), I still did not feel as confident as I would like. Many times I’ve seen my friends go faster and better, and I had to catch them on the straight.

I decided to change this situation. After the first course (safe ride) I enrolled to the next degree (Technical course) training at motoszkola.pl. The course lasted three days and took place in the south of Poland and in Slovakia. Every morning, the instructor – Rafal, discussed the issues of driving technique, which we then trained on motorcycles. In the evening, we watched and discussed the recording of each rider driving.

I admit that these were the most intense three days of riding on a motorbike. Everyone could ride as long as he wanted. The group consisted of seven participants and an instructor. Each of us was passing the episodes under his eye, and the other participants rode after the first “pair”. This way you could repeat seven times the “up” and “down” directions if you had enough … strength. In addition, we practiced two sections with curves and access from Poland to Slovakia (one way about 50 km). During the ride, the instructor gave “comments” twice. Thanks to that, you can correct your ride.

Am I happy with the course? Yes, I am. I know that this is just the beginning of my training. I know a lot of progress in comparison recording from the first day and the last. Will I beat the curves faster? A little maybe. But this was not my main goal. For now, I feel that I am doing it with a greater margin of safety and better. I’m sure next season I’m going to take another course. This is the beginning of my ride improvement.

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